MSR Products, widely known as Ravi Durbar, was founded by late Mr R.Soundarapandian and brothers in 1960. In 1960 the headquarters was at Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Since then we have been the No.1 manufacturer and seller of natural and pure agarbathi throughout India and Singapore. In 1972 the headquarters was moved to Eluru in Andhra Pradesh. Now his son Mr S.Murugakani is running the business successfully.

Our products mainly include Ravi Durbar, Ravi Flora, Ravi Champak, Ravi Cup Sambrani and Ravi Sambrani Dhoop. These all are composed of plant aromatics and essential oils. We also add guggilam, hal muddy and sambrani to our products. The aroma of our agarbatti and sambrani creates a vibrant and blissful ambience. They fill the place with positive vibes and give spiritual calmness. Our products are excellent for worshipping God and for spiritual exercises like meditation. The use and acceptance of incense are increasing day by day. Our expertise embraces premium quality and guarantees the most competitive prices.



Ravi Durbar, our most popular product, is composed of herbs, aromatic roots and natural essential oils. We add guggilam which was used in ancient times to remove the effects of the evil eye (Drishti). Hal muddy, which is a natural aromatic resin extracted from medicinal trees, is added to obtain the alluring fragrance. We also add sambrani which removes all the microbes in the air and fills the place with positivity and divinity.

 Ravi Durbar is now available in 80g, 40g, 16g, 10g and 6g packing.

Ravi Flora is made from aromatic roots and floral extracts. We also add guggilam and sambrani.

 Ravi flora is now available in 10 sticks packing.

Ravi Champak is a perfumed Bathi manufactured from Champa flower, primarily used in worship. Ravi champak infuses the ambience with the enchanting fragrances of the temple tree, illuminating the spiritual soul.

 Ravi Champak is now in 70g packaging.   


Ravi Sambrani manufactured with high quality natural raw materials which give sweet and alluring fragrance. Ravi Sambrani can be used to all sorts of functions and auspicious occasions. Women can use Ravi sambrani to dry their hair and get fragranced hair. Ravi cup sambrani spread divinity everywhere. It can also cleanse the air by removing the germs present.

Ravi cup sambrani is now available in 12 cups and single-cup packing.

Ravi sambrani dhoop is now available as 20 sticks pack.


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